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Room to Grow

I’ve been taking away a surprising amount of lessons about self-care from our houseplants. Mainly that it’s okay to need help; plants wilt and droop for their own survival instead of putting on a brave face while they starve for water or light. They accept that they are not entirely self-sufficient, that they need help to truly thrive, but they still remain resilient and adapt even when it isn’t their season to bloom. I’m also learning that just like plants, every person needs something different to be their best and it takes time to learn how to care for someone in the way they need. Even when it seems like you or someone else is beyond help it is never too late. We’ve brought back plants that looked completely dead and are now growing like crazy because we were patient enough to not give up on them and learn how to care for them. be patient with yourself, accept that not every season is your time to bloom, learn to care for yourself and others and remember that you are never too far gone

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