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Healing is Not Linear

I am grateful for setbacks in overcoming mental illness. I'm learning to find the beauty in progress and healing not being linear and in handling every storm rather than waiting for things to get better and hoping my mentality follows suit. I'm no longer allowing my mental health to follow the lead of circumstances that are beyond my control. I'm not searching after constant happiness or a perfect life, I'm working towards gaining strength and stability, being able to control my emotions in all circumstances.

Setbacks show me that I am stronger than I was before, that I can handle things I could never have imagined handling a year ago. Setbacks are good, challenges are good, and embracing the good moments and the bad as equals is so important. Regardless of the direction my life goes in I'm still moving forward. I'm recognizing that being in a familiar situation does not mean I am back where I started; I'm in a new place handling the same obstacles, now holding the knowledge and strength I gained from handling this obstacle before. Things are hard, circumstances get bad, my brain is working against me, but I am strong enough.

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