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Proserpina- They Named Me For My Innocence

The moral debate of Proserpina's story does not surround her rape and abduction but whether or not she chose to eat the pomegranate seeds. The focus is on one tiny action that could have served as evidence to whether or not she was actually okay with marrying Hades and remaining in the underworld. Her story has been romanticized into a Beauty and the Beast story in attempt to make us forget that even if she fell in love with her abuser, his is still abuser. One tiny act that non-verbally hints that she had some control does not change the fact that she was raped and abducted and subsequently blamed for the actions that resulted from her rape and abduction. Ultimately regardless of if she ended up in love, regardless of if she ate the seeds or not, his actions are not justified or excusable. In this story in any story of assault; take the focus off the tiny things that could be taken as the victims "wanting it" and focus on the blatant, undeniable act of violence done against them.

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