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Proserpina- My Skin Is Sprouting Wildflowers

This still life represents Proserpina, who was raped and abducted by Hades, the god of the underworld, who saw her picking flowers and decided he wanted her as his bride. Hades was forced to return her to her mother, the goddess of the harvest, only when crops began failing. Before she was able to leave the underworld she eats pomegranate seeds which prevent her from leaving the underworld for a third of the year, giving an explanation for why crops do not grow year round. Even though all early versions of the story describing her abduction as rape, late adaptations have Proserpina eat the pomegranate seeds on purpose, placing the blame of failing crops on her. The Greek version of her name before her abduction translated to "maiden", rooting her identity entirely in her virginity. After her time in the underworld her named changed to Persephone meaning "to bring destruction".

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