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Susanna- The Good Trees Bear More Than Cherries

Updated: May 27, 2019

Susanna’s story is in the Book of Daniel; while bathing in her backyard a group of elders that had been watching her, hoping to get her alone to confess their lust, lock her in and tell her if she doesn’t have sex with them they will testify against her, saying that she was naked in her backyard meeting a man that was not her husband. Susanna refused to have sex with the elders, they testify against her and she is arrested and sentenced to death for promiscuity. No questions asked. Before she is executed, Daniel proposed that the elders be questioned separately. Daniel asked the elders what tree they saw Susanna and her lover under and they answered two different trees, proving their dishonesty and saving Susanna from execution. Susanna stating that she was not meeting another man did nothing for her case and was not seen as reason to even question the elders. 

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